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So how do you choose the best tree service company? Here are a few reasons why we believe we’re among the best in Highlands County:

While we continue to work with only the top tree service contractors in Highlands County, and all of Central Florida, we pride ourselves in bringing reliable and affordable tree service to the table. Beginning our journey in Lawn Services (known as Gammage’s Lawn Service), we are equipped with forestry mulchers and tree removal equipment that allows us to continue to provide a wide scope of quality work to all of Polk & Highlands County.

From Sebring to Lakeland FL, it is our mission to not only get the job done properly and on time, but to be a demolition and excavation company that offers superior service at honest and competitive rates. 



Tree removal is by far the most straightforward and common tree service request we get hear in Highlands County and Central Florida. What many people do not realize is how dangerous tree removal really is. Even smaller trees can be hazardous both for your safety and your property. 

While we are blessed with a gorgeous tropical paradise here in Central Florida, there comes a time when our trees need to go.

Here are some common reasons tree removal services here in Highlands County:

  • Construction on your property
  • Instability from Decaying
  • Aesthetic Preference
  • Trees near electrical lines
  • Roots damaging underground lines or foundations


The bigger the tree, the bigger the potential risk of serious injury or damage to your property. Don’t risk it. Give us a call today and have your trees professionally removed.



Maybe in the past you’ve attempted DIY tree pruning a few times. Heck, maybe you were even successful with it, however, we strongly advise that most tree trimming jobs be left to experienced tree service professionals who are trained, licensed, and insured. A reputable tree service company will be equipped with the necessary tools and manpower to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Here are some of the common tree trimming situations here in Highlands County:

  • Improve the health of your tree(s)
  • Remove hazardous decaying limbs and branches
  • They are blocking a particular view (aesthetic purposes)
  • Overall thinning or tree topping


When done properly, tree cutting and shaping makes trees more visually pleasing, as well benefits your trees’ overall health. Give us a call today for a free assessment of your property’s trees!



Believe it or not, only a small minority of Highlands County tree service companies offer stump removal services. If you are like most people, you would rather have the stump removed as well after your trees are cut down.

Here are the most reasons why people want their stumps grinded and removed for good:

  • Tree has been recently removed
  • They present a hazard for children and lawn equipment
  • They have become infested by poisonous insects and pests
  • They are taking up space on your property

While stump grinding can be done fairly efficiently with the right stump grinder available, the size of the hole may vary due to the different widths, depths and dimensions of your tree’s stump. No two stumps are identical. Save your yard or property from being destroyed by a rush job. We train our team to perform stump grinding and removal services with great care, leaving as little impact to your property as possible.

Need help with a tree or stump?


GIVE US A CALL NOW! For professional service at competitive rates


Florida is no stranger to natural disasters. From mild to severe hurricanes, Mother Nature can leave your property destroyed or, at the very least, a complete mess. You may not have access to the man-power or equipment needed to tackle an emergency clean up. Save yourself the headache and backache, give us a call to help you!

Having trained climbers and tree service professionals on our team, along with a boom truck to reach even the highest of branches, we are able to help you with your unexpected emergency tree service needs. Call us today to assess your any damage and dangers to your property and we will be happy to give you a free estimate as well.


While tree trimming and tree removals are dangerous already, adding in an electrical power line into the mix is extremely hazardous and can be fatal.

Trees growing dangerously near existing electrical lines need to be either maintained or removed. We all are well aware of the dangers surrounding electrical lines. One simple misjudgement of tree clipping near power lines can cause an instant power outage, or worse, become an instantly fatal mistake.

We cannot emphasize it enough, please leave tree trimming and removal near power lines to a trained tree service team who are equipped with the necessary tools to safely get the job done.


Have a dream design in mind for your property? We use high quality landscaping services to help turn your dreams into your reality. From intimate backyard settings to larger commercial projects, we have you covered.

Some of our landscaping specialties include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Mulch & Rock Beds
  • Natural Stone Paths
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Paver Patios and more!

While we take pride in being one of the top Highlands County landscaping companies, we have earned the trust of property owners throughout Central Florida, from Tampa to Orlando.


Superior work ethic at competitive rates is what sets us apart from other tree removal companies in Highlands County Florida. We are partnered with a family-owned company with humble beginnings in Sebring, Florida. The owner, Ezell Gammage, is present at every job site ensuring quality standards are met. While we are prepared to take on large commercial tree removal and landscaping projects, we prefer to still give you the benefits of a more personal experience overall. We take passion in the quality of work that we provide you and are known for finishing projects on time and within budget. This “no cut corners” attitude has allowed us to expand our tree removal services from Highlands County, to now Lakeland (Polk County), down to Tampa, and up to Orlando. We take our reputation seriously and strive to meet and exceed your expectations by our willingness to go above and beyond.



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For close to a decade, we have been providing professional outdoor services to Highlands County, Florida, and now extending to Polk County and surrounding areas. With humble beginnings doing tree removals for friends & family, our passion now extends to lawn, pressure washing, and landscaping services. We look forward to the privilege of completing all of your outdoor and tree service needs!

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